A Woman’s Worst Relationship Fear

Cheryl feels as if her life has become an episode of a bad television drama. Her live-in boyfriend has started staying up late at night chatting with another woman on a social networking site.Whenever Cheryl walks into the room, her boyfriend quickly closes the lid of their laptop or he blocks the screen. All of this is seems like very suspicious behavior.She found out that he has been chatting with another woman on Facebook by logging into his account one day and noticing a private message from the woman that mentioned their chats.While Cheryl does not know how far this online “relationship” has gone, she is very upset about it. Tensions between she and her boyfriend have escalated. Cheryl is also having trouble getting to sleep at night because she is so worried about what he’s doing online.A woman’s worst relationship fear has got to be that her man will cheat.Of course, there are other potential worries that women (and men) have about their partner, but is certainly one of the top 5. These days it is easier for people to connect over the internet. While there may be no actual physical contact between them, online sexual affairs or emotional affairs can develop.There are significant differences between online sexual affairs and emotional affairs.For example, through text, camera and even audio, people can engage in sexual activity even though they are physically located hundreds of miles apart. This still constitutes an affair.An emotional affair, on the other hand, does not involve sexual contact– in person or virtually. Instead, an emotional affair is when two people (one or both whom are already in committed relationships) regularly communicate in ways and about topics that are very private and personal.Of course, men and women can be close friends and not be having an emotional affair. The line is crossed, however, when the man (or woman) begins to share information that he keeps hidden from his partner. If he is more emotionally attached and engaged with another woman, he is probably having an emotional affair.Just because there is no sexual contact (yet) with an emotional affair, it still is a breach of trust and can feel like a betrayal to the man’s partner.