Canon EOS 60D Vs 550D Vs 7D – Getting More Bang for Your Buck!

When Canon announced the long rumoured and must anticipated Canon EOS 60D not everyone was ecstatic about the specs put before them but that was pretty much to be expected. With a new class of camera introduced with the release of the Canon 7D it had prompted to ask questions about the future of the Canon XXD series. This becomes a bigger problem when you take a look at the Canon EOS 550D which in the right hands can already give the EOS 7D some stiff competition. So why choose the Canon EOS 60D? Was Canon out of their minds and is this really a marketing blunder?Does it make sense to buy the Canon 60D?Well the first consideration would be the idea of “upgrading” cameras from the lower to higher ranges. Looking at the specs, it is definitely clear that by moving from the 550D to the 60D, and from the 60D to the 7D (or its future replacement) would make sense. While some might elect to jump straight from the 550D to the 7D, that would really depend on the final price tags once the 60D is fully launched in the marketplace.

Now why would I say that it makes sense?Canon EOS 550D – Canon EOS 60DBetter layout of controls with a top LCD which many DSLR users find indispensable
A faster body with improved continuous burst shooting and large range of shutter speed
Tilt-able LCD for those who need to shoot at awkward angles
Integrated Speedlite Transmitter for better off camera lighting control
A more rugged weatherproof body Why choose Canon 60D instead of Canon 7D? Cheaper body (money does matter….how much will depend on the eventual price differences)
Tilt-able LCD for those who need to shoot at awkward angles
If you don’t need more than 5.3fps continuous burst speed
Want the lightest possible camera that can do the job (Those 65g will make a difference after some time)Canon 60D – Canon 7D

A faster body with improved continuous burst shooting and maximum shots per burst
An even more rugged body
Transmissive LCD screen for greater flexibility while shooting
19-point cross type AF System for those who need more precise control
(NEGATIVE) You lose the tilt-able LCDAlthough I still see a lot of people buying cameras that are totally beyond their current abilities, I believe that there are many photographers out there who will be happy to get their “upgrades” without having to break the bank by getting the Canon EOS 60D instead of the Canon EOS 7D.Do you agree? Drop me your comments below and share your view.